Friday, October 24, 2008

Unite Pedicure Feet With White Gold Toe Rings

Now feet are also emphasized to get a good reputation and a good impression. The accessories that are now available in jewelry stores are unlimited. There are anklets with different styles and designs while toe rings also kicked in developing a whole separate market for just feet accessories.

CZ Toe Ring

The fact that these jewelries have now become a part of our daily wear and an accessory we choose to wear in a regular or a fancy occasion. I don’t mind dressing up my feet and actually taking out time to buy accessories for it as long as my feet are worth dressing up. Don’t take me the wrong way but not many people are generally conscious about their hygienic conditions when it comes to feet.

White Gold CZ Toe Ring

People who are conscious about their looks should also be conscious about their sanitation conditions for feet. While majority of the people start judging a person from head while the rest of them are starting their judgment from someone’s toe. Even if you consider the first case he/she will eventually come to your feet sooner or later and believe me it is not going to take that much long. Now do you want to loose an excellent job due to the unhygienic feet you have been “maintaining” for so long? It does not matter what profession you are from, a woman is suppose to keep herself in tip top shape as all eyes are on her. Being a female boss can require more time to take care of your looks while a female employee does have to visit the beauty parlor once in a while as there is no way around it. If you are a mother/working mother then home kits for pedicures can be purchased to keep your appearance and impression great on others.

White Gold Diamond Toe Ring

Observation says that mostly people who have good looks, dress up great or take care of their hygiene make friends quickly than others as well as get their dream job soon. When you start getting pedicures more often you naturally get an urge to buy accessory to dazzle them up even more.

Diamond White Gold Toe Ring

You have a lovely, elegant pair of shoes then all you need is an anklet and a toe ring. Sterling silver is preferable for casual wear but you can purchase silver or white gold for parties and weddings. All these white gold toe rings are adjustable with precious stones or diamonds fixed in between while some of them have variety of shapes and styles. Some of the white gold toe rings have bit of a blackish tinge while others look like pure silver in color.

The patterns made in them are different as some have hearts, circles and butterflies while others have flowers and diamonds fixed all around or fixed elegantly in the middle of it. If you want to purchase a white gold toe ring then our online jewelry store can be visited.

White Gold Toe Ring

Although you may find white gold toe rings a little bit more expensive than other plain metal but they are worth buying. The shinny and incredible look they give will be worth every penny. Toe rings are also available in silver and yellow gold.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cute, Girly and Attractive Heart Hoop Earrings

From all the ornaments including anklets, bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on I simply cannot resist hoop earrings. I believe you do not need other accessory to dazzle up your look when you have a set of hoop earrings in your ear and you are good to go. Circle shaped hoop earrings are the most common and popular ones but you can also get them in triangle, square, rectangle and heart. The best part of hoop earrings are they can adjust to any face cut and any length of hair accentuating your features. You can purchase artificial earrings for daily wear and gold, silver plated hoop earrings with diamonds, pearls or other semi-precious stones for fancy occasions.

Hearts Hoop Earrings

At first I was not much of a fan of earrings when small studs were worn and were considered to be fashionable. They just did not go with my face cut and my hair style but when hoop earrings kicked in I knew this was an accessory I can never give up on. Just looking at those hoop earrings was irresistible for me where I had to have all the kinds of hoops in shapes of triangle, rectangle, square, circle and heart. There is no looking bad when you have a pair of hoop earrings in your ear. No matter where you are off to, forget other accessories and go with earrings that will dangle down. The sizes of course vary as you can get hoop earrings that will stay close to your earlobes or the ones that practically touches your shoulder. You can choose any of the size according to your features and hairstyle.

Heart Tube Hoop Earrings

I do own a lot of hoop earrings in circles but the ones I want to try are heart hoop earrings. I came across some heart earrings on few jewelry websites where one side of them is plain plated with gold or sterling silver and the other half of the heart is filled with bright, shinny diamonds. The picture of that earring is so tempting but I had to look for another earring after I saw its price. However, they are ideal as a beautiful gift by a husband to his wife or a wedding gift to the new bride.

Double Heart Hoop Earrings

Other few heart hoop earrings I came across were in the shape of a heart in sterling silver. I mean literally in the shape of heart unlike the shape we have given the heart with two semi circles joining. It seemed very elegant with a shinny touch. Another heart hoop earrings I liked were cubic zirconia’s heart hoop earrings with silver chain dropping down available in an affordable price. You may also find 2 hoops or 3 hoops earrings in different shapes if you want to compensate a simple outfit on a fancy occasion.

Triple Hoop Earrings

If you are planning to get pieces of jewelry then go for heart hoop earrings. They are cute, girly and will go with any hairstyle, face cut, outfit and occasion. Just slide them inside your ears and love the dangling feeling they give against your face. You can visit websites like “Nex tag” for multiple hoop earrings, “Jewel Basket” for heart hoop earrings with diamonds or “Onatoka” for plain silver, gold plated heart hoop earrings. Order them for yourself or a bride to be who will just adore those diamond heart hoop earrings. Trust me every penny of yours spent on them will be worth it.