Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What to Look for in Emerald Jewelry Sets

Emerald jewelry sets have always been popular. Whatever may be the occasion; these emerald jewelry sets seem to serve as the perfect gift. It could be a birthday or a wedding they make for the perfect gift. Emerald jewelry sets can be found being widely sold at leading jewelry stores. A simple online search can help you locating a jewelry store near you selling them. Emeralds are among the most precious gemstones found in the world. The cost of emerald jewelry sets depends on the type of emeralds used in them. While emeralds with several inclusions cost less the ones without many inclusions will cost you more.

Emerald Jewelry Set

Emeralds are among the most precious of gemstones. Emeralds have always been associated with a certain kind of mystique and prestige for a long time now. Historical references point out to instances when wars have been fought for this precious gemstone. Throughout history there have been several such instances. With all its splendor and prestige it is no big surprise that more and more people are going in for emerald jewelry sets.

A simple online search can put you across literally hundreds of online jewelry stores that sell emerald jewelry sets. Whether it is a birthday or a wedding, there are emerald jewelry sets for every possible occasion. From bracelets to necklaces and earrings you can find all sorts of items being part of emerald jewelry sets. These pieces of jewelry do cost you a fortune, but with intense competition prevailing, you can always find someone who can sell them to you at a relatively cheaper price.

Finding high quality emeralds is something that is very rare. The value of an emerald is calculated based on the number of inclusions that a particular emerald stone has. Gemologists can find out the value of an emerald by its clarity. The clarity of these gemstones is affected by the number of inclusions in it. The value of an emerald is also dependant on the color. For instance a brilliant green emerald is always costlier than a bluish emerald. All these aspects in turn decide the cost of emerald jewelry sets.

You should always be careful while buying emerald jewelry sets, since you can be easily duped into buying fake jewelry. It is for this reason that you should be buying emerald jewelry sets from high quality jewelry stores only. There are certain certifications, like the GIA certification for instance, which you need to look for when buying emerald jewelry sets. You should check the stones from all sides and for their color. You should also check for some inclusions or flaws or bubbles when you buy emeralds. Whenever you buy them online you should make sure that you buy them from an authentic online source.

The internet is full of useful information on emeralds. There are literally hundreds of websites which are dedicated to the topic. There are many useful online guides that help you distinguish between a real and a fake emerald stone. Going through such details will definitely help you while shopping for emerald jewelry sets. The internet is also the best place to learn about the prevailing prices of emerald stones. Shopping around is the key to shopping for emerald jewelry sets. Once you visit many jewelry stores, you will then get a fairly good idea about the cost and quality on offer. This makes the entire shopping process easier.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Overview Of Dolphin Anklets

The use of dolphin anklets in jewelry dates several centuries back in history when sailors used to wear them as a tribute to dolphins, considered as a symbol of safety and hope. Today, dolphin anklets are popular among many young people who are fond of dolphins in one way or another. These anklets are available in various designs and metallic compositions, allowing the jewelry enthusiasts to make choice according to personal taste. Sterling silver and gold dolphin anklets are more popular among young people including sportsmen and women. Most of the dolphin anklets come in very affordable prices and can be bought online from most jewelry sellers.

14K Two-Tone Gold Dolphin Anklet

The use of anklets and bracelets go hand in hand since anklets are just "ankle bracelets" and wearing anklets in combination with bracelets of similar design or look completes a person's profile in terms of jewelry items. Anklets and bracelets are usually created by using a particular them: a pattern of colors, designs, and/or figures. Dolphin anklets are those in which the figure of a dolphin is the central theme. These anklets have a long history of use and, traditionally, they were worn by sailors who believed that seeing a dolphin during a voyage would bring them protection from disasters. Dolphin anklets are now widely used by people of different age groups, especially younger ones as a symbol of luck and/or to display their enthusiasm for dolphins-one of the best friends of mankind.

14K White Gold Dolphin Anklet

Dolphin anklets available today are made from different metals but sterling silver anklets and gold anklets are cherished above all others. Among sterling silver anklets, two designs are most popular: those having a single or two dolphins and a simple sterling silver chain; and the ones with a number of dolphin couples repeated along the chain's length. These designs look great with all colors of dress and sandals. For uniqueness, some jewelers offer sterling silver dolphin anklets with crystals of various colors that go with a particular color dress or theme; green crystals for example are liked for their prominently cool look.

Most of the gold dolphin anklets are liked for their traditional golden shine. Two main styles of gold dolphin anklets are popular these days. In one of these, dolphin charms made of gold dangle from a circular chain. The other kinds of anklets are those in which the dolphin charms are connected within the chains link such that they become part of the chain when it is closed around the ankle. Besides these designs, which are singularly themed around dolphins, other varieties combine dolphins with other figures like hearts, chime balls etc. Dolphin anklets with a combination of both yellow and white gold are liked by people who prefer to wear two tones instead of one. And of course, there are other tones added for a more personalized look e.g. rose, blue, light green etc.

14K Gold Enameled Dolphin Anklet

The size of a particular anklet chosen varies from person to person according to individual physique (more delicate anklets for slender and soft ankles) but also from time to time for the same person. For example, many people prefer to use a relatively smaller size of anklets while they are in the workplace. Same holds true for players of certain sports so as to prevent the anklet from interfering with the activity. On the other hand, people in private or informal gatherings may choose to wear larger dolphin anklets for greater prominence. In any case, the best recommended dolphin anklets are those with an adjustable chain down to any comfortable length.

Cheap Ruby Jewelry is Lovely to Look

Red ruby is regarded as one of the rarest gemstones in the whole world. As a result there is always a high demand for this very gemstone, even at an abnormally high price. Prized by royalty and fought over in wars, this gemstone still retains its mystique and allure.

14K Gold Ruby Birthstone Ring

Furthermore this birthstone for the month of July is hard to find in nature, and for that reason most of the world's rubies today are lab created. Therefore although in this day and age the prices of rubies are lessened to a certain extent, but the craziness of people even for the cheap ruby jewelry is beyond imagination. More and more populace prefers the cheap ruby jewelry in the faint hope of triumphing over the destiny.

14K Gold July Ruby Birthstone Girl Charm

It is true that to the common men there is no need to introduce ruby, which is regarded in the international arena as one of the most precious stones, having the ability to shine radiantly in a necklace and at the same time glow with a delicacy in a ring.

Diamond and Ruby Cross Pendant

There is an inseparable relation between red color and ruby and when it shines in the brightest manner anywhere and at any time a thousand desires is said to get ignited. This is known as the magic of the gemstone of ruby. There is simply no doubt in it that being one of the rarest stones, ruby is both precious and expensive, and beyond the reach of common men to have it. For this reason there is a greater demand for the cheap ruby jewelry from the common men, which are extensively used as a part of beautification, for any social or even religious gathering. What has more been found is that in spite of being produced in laboratories the red stone in the cheap ruby jewelry does represent a unique power that comes with the red color which happens to be both the color of blood, the color of an enchanting sunset and also of love. But in this regard if you prefer a more expensive ruby in comparison to the economical one, you shall have to recognize the good one from the lesser by looking at the color saturation. Well, for that you must be proficient since it is indeed tough to identify a good ruby having a high color saturation that occurs mainly for the combination of a red fluorescent emission and a bluish red body color. But bear in mind that the price of a good ruby jewelry is beyond imagination, for which it is better to go for the cheap ruby jewelry, that do provide brilliant shining and also economical rate, at the same time.

14K July Birthstone Ruby Bear Charm

It is also necessary to know that the red color for which ruby is famous happens to be one of the rare and glorious accidents of nature, and for this red glow ruby is so popular. It is to be noted that the Thai and the Cambodian rubies are purer versions of red, but there is the presence of a scarcity of the fluorescence for which some rubies are famous.

14K Gold July Ruby Baby Shoe Charm

But as has been said earlier they are also heavily priced, for which to buy ruby it is better to approach with a good budget. If not you will not be able to get hold of the accurate ruby jewelry and for this it is better to find substitutes and also synthetic replacements. The cheap ruby jewelry cannot be distinguished from their authentic counterparts unless they are kept under gemological scrutiny. For this you can be assured that your cheap ruby jewelry will also glow like the real one.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Diamond & Emerald Earrings – Internationally Acclaimed For Their Graces

Throughout the human civilization from time to time there have been the emergence of different trends in several aspects of life, but there are indeed only a very few of them that have been able to withstand the obstacles of time and have therefore continued. Now in respect of jewelry the diamond and emerald earrings have thus surpassed the obstructions of time and have been continuing from the earliest periods of human history. The chief reason behind this is that the diamond and emerald earrings by virtue of their intrinsic qualities have been able to earn the admiration of the monarchies and also the people of the modern ages, for which there have been regular excavations and also cultivations. Whether it is in regard of style, radiance or even magnetism they have outshined others and have therefore sustained their leading positions.

Diamond And Emerald Earrings

However with the presence and regular occurrence of several alternatives in the modern age it is quite common for women to wear anything they like to have, especially the types of bangles and also earrings. But if we give a rapt attention it will be found that still the leading position is held by the diamond and emerald earrings. To be very precise, when we are engaged in any thorough discussion over the changing aspects of culture and along with it the jewelries of people as a whole we must come to the conclusion that there has been one consistent aspect. The leading position in the industry of jewelry has always been under the diamond and emerald earrings. This was the same even thousands of years ago. There is simply no doubt that people of both genders worn ear rings in different cultures, but the greatest preference had always been the diamond and emerald earrings. The more distance we travel in the avenues of history we will realize that in the past earrings were also very common fashion even among men.

Emerald And Diamond Earrings

Till now, if you visit to many parts of the world, for instance the northern part of India, you will come across many men who still wear earrings as a part of their ancient tradition. Now as far as the other regions are concerned with the change of time, avocation and several other aspects the situation has changed to a great extent. In this day and age, the earrings whether they are diamond and emerald earrings or others, happen to be more common with women. But at the same time, as has already been said, in spite of the presence of earrings made of gold or other metals, the place of emerald earrings is unique among women. Women use them in the best sense as fashion accessories and to many women if their jewelry box remains devoid of a variety of earrings, the best will be if there are diamond and emerald earrings that are appropriate for different occasions they find themselves as merely incomplete.

Gold Emerald Diamond Earrings

To have a full-fledged idea of and also to judge the appeal and relevance of diamond and emerald earrings among women in the global spectrum several studies have been conducted. These studies happening under the auspices of internationally acclaimed organizations have confirmed that the diamond and emerald earrings by far happen to be the most classic and formal ones. Both of them are equipped with certain dignities, elegances along with images of sophistication and style. For this they are found to be matched to a wide variety of outfits ranging from formal evening attire, to more casual jeans or even a business suit. The basic reason behind this is the gallant outlook of both the metals from which the diamond and emerald earrings are formed. To conclude, both of diamonds and emeralds happen to be the most acclaimed jewels in the international arena, and are also distinguished for their dazzling light and luster. To the views of the experts, in the last thousands of years there has not been any such metal that can challenge the grace of these, and none will also be in the subsequent millennium.