Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ladies Tungsten Rings

A jeweler can cut and shape a ring of gold or silver. In the past, the beauty of those metals encouraged their dominance among the choice metals for ladies rings. Today, however, jewelers have access to equipment that allows them to work with the extra hard tungsten metal. As a result the popularity of ladies tungsten rings has grown at a steady and rather remarkable pace.

Tungsten Ladies Ring

Once polished, a tungsten ring remains polished forever. It will not tarnish over time. Moreover, it can never show a single scratch mark. The ability of these rings to remain undamaged has motivated the rising demand for such long lasting pieces.

Tungsten rings come in a wide range of different styles. Both beveled rings and wedding rings with facets have been fashioned out of hard tungsten. All manner of wedding bands contain this hard metal--flat brushed, finished bands, pipe cut bands and simple brush tungsten bands.

Tungsten Ladies Bband

Recently jewelers have begun working on a tungsten carbide ring, a piece with a black inlay. Those jewelers need a special tool, one that allows them to cut into the hard tungsten metal. If a female customer asks a jeweler to engrave the inside of a tungsten ring, then again that jeweler must have access to a special tool.

A computer engraver provides the perfect tool for completion of this challenging task, the task of engraving the inside surface of a tungsten ring. By using a computer engraver, a jeweler can keep the tungsten surface from loosing its smooth and pleasant feel. The same trait remains absent from any engraving done on tungsten, if a jeweler has used a laser to cut into the hard metal.

Whenever a laser is used to engrave the inside of a tungsten ring, then that inner surface can become rough and rigid. Any female that happens to wear that engraved ring can be expected to object to the unpleasant feel of that metal band. Therefore, the rough nature of the ring's inner surface will negate all the wonderful features of the tungsten ring.

Tungsten Grooved Bband

Normally, a female golfer would embrace a chance to wear a tungsten ring. Such an accessory could withstand any chance brush by the metal of a golf club. However, no female golfer would want to try judging the best way to attack a shot, while feeling the unpleasant touch of a rough and rigid metal surface.

Normally, a female working in a research lab would welcome the opportunity to wear a tungsten ring. Such an accessory would not undergo any damage, in the event that is was exposed to a harsh chemical. Yet, no researcher is going to be able to concentrate on a particular problem, if she has to deal with the uncomfortable feeling on her finger, the finger that is wearing her lovely tungsten ring.

Tungsten Enameled Bband

That then underscores the reason that the owner of such a ring should search out a jeweler that has access to a computer-engraving machine. That way, the owner could feel certain of paying for a "perfect job," in the event that she wanted to have something engraved on her tungsten ring.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Types of Sterling Silver Earrings

Ear piercing has been one of the oldest forms of body piercing which has been practiced not only by women but men too. Years ago body piercing used to indicate marital status till it became a fashion icon and was a part of an appearance. The most common type of body piercing is ear piercing followed by nose, belly button and eye brows. Once you are planning on getting dressed you need to take time in deciding which outfit to wear and whole lot of other time to match jewelry with it. As it just doesn’t look good but brightens up your appearance and give it a more glamorous look. Earrings are the most important thing while girls may skip wearing a necklace.

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Body piercing is being practiced for several years where it symbolized marital status of men and women till it became a fashion symbol. Ears, nose, eye brows, nasal, tongue and lips are the most pierced areas around the globe but mostly people keep it to ears and nose especially women. In eastern countries piercing nose is the symbol of soon-to-be-wed while having their ears pierced since they are fine is a common practice.

Silver Turquoise Dangle Earrings

There ear piercing is done either with a proper piercing gun or even with a needle where women of older ages do this which does hurt much more but heals surprisingly quickly. Unlike eastern countries in western countries where body piercing is practiced by those who are passionate about it without symbolizing anything in particular. Body piercing in western countries is strictly done with piercing guns that are sterilized and kept clean for each time it is used to make sure no infections take place due to unhygienic piercing gun.

Silver Wire Earrings

You may find two main types of materials that earrings are made in that are silver and gold. These can be mixed and matched with other gemstones to give them a more classy and sparkly look. Teenagers and young girls love sterling silver as they do not scratch or damage that easily and in addition to that they go with absolutely anything and everything. Silver jewelry is considered to be more trendy and stylish than gold which costs more than sterling silver. Earrings available in sterling silver come in stud, hoop earrings, dangling, slave, ear needles and huggy earrings. Stub earrings usually go with evening gowns and fancy occasions where you have your hair tied up in a French role. While dangling earrings say you are out to party with friends and have fun. These days hoop earrings are very much in fashion and doesn’t seem like they are leaving the spotlight anytime soon.

Silver Greek Key Earrings

Although they are plain and simple circle earrings in different sizes but still one does not get bored of the look and the magic of hoop earrings is that they go with any type of hair cut and face cut accentuating your features and complementing them. As the name suggests huggy earrings tend to hug your ear lobes closely and they come in different shapes like circle, rectangle, square, oval etc.

Silver Pearl Dangle Earrings

Sterling silver earrings are hip and in fashion these days and can be purchased from any jewelry store or online stores. You can visit for the prettiest and stylish sterling silver earrings in the market and have them delivered right to your door step. Many of the online jewelry stores offer return of the product if it gets damaged in the process of shipping. As to these policies you have nothing to lose so buy now sterling silver earrings that will go best with jeans, skirts, pants and gowns.