Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vampire Gothic Crosses Pics, Jewelry & Tattoos

Gothic crosses are a timely piece of jewelry dating back centuries. From the medieval ages, they have had various meanings, ties to religion or culture, and in modern times are simply trendy. From plain to elaborate, gothic crosses come in many styles and in a variety of wearable materials. The origins of the Gothic cross are hard to trace, and go to a period of time from medieval ages and before. In different areas of the world, these crosses can mean different things to different people. Sometimes, Gothic crosses are confused with Christian crosses yet their meanings are not even close. Gothic crosses are often tied to suffering, anti-religious sentiments, occult, pagan, and witchcraft beliefs. While these associations may or may not hold true in modern day times, Gothic crosses tend to be worn by a large number of people not because of their dark meanings and antique ties, but because of their elaborate design and beauty.

Gothic crosses tend to never be simplistic in design. Often, they can range from small to large but are commonly found as a large symbol for wearing. Gothic crosses are most commonly worn as a necklace, but sometimes earrings and bracelets, even rings, appear in jewelry to wear. Gothic crosses have crossed over into  other forms in the modern day “Goth” trend and can be found on clothes, as tattoos, stickers, and familiar household items like cups and wall decorations. Tattoos tend to be the most customizable way of wearing a Gothic cross, yet they tend to be a fairly permanent representation. Some Gothic cross tattoos are accompanied by a first or last name, or other symbols embedded within the body of the cross.