Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Overview Of Dolphin Anklets

The use of dolphin anklets in jewelry dates several centuries back in history when sailors used to wear them as a tribute to dolphins, considered as a symbol of safety and hope. Today, dolphin anklets are popular among many young people who are fond of dolphins in one way or another. These anklets are available in various designs and metallic compositions, allowing the jewelry enthusiasts to make choice according to personal taste. Sterling silver and gold dolphin anklets are more popular among young people including sportsmen and women. Most of the dolphin anklets come in very affordable prices and can be bought online from most jewelry sellers.

14K Two-Tone Gold Dolphin Anklet

The use of anklets and bracelets go hand in hand since anklets are just "ankle bracelets" and wearing anklets in combination with bracelets of similar design or look completes a person's profile in terms of jewelry items. Anklets and bracelets are usually created by using a particular them: a pattern of colors, designs, and/or figures. Dolphin anklets are those in which the figure of a dolphin is the central theme. These anklets have a long history of use and, traditionally, they were worn by sailors who believed that seeing a dolphin during a voyage would bring them protection from disasters. Dolphin anklets are now widely used by people of different age groups, especially younger ones as a symbol of luck and/or to display their enthusiasm for dolphins-one of the best friends of mankind.

14K White Gold Dolphin Anklet

Dolphin anklets available today are made from different metals but sterling silver anklets and gold anklets are cherished above all others. Among sterling silver anklets, two designs are most popular: those having a single or two dolphins and a simple sterling silver chain; and the ones with a number of dolphin couples repeated along the chain's length. These designs look great with all colors of dress and sandals. For uniqueness, some jewelers offer sterling silver dolphin anklets with crystals of various colors that go with a particular color dress or theme; green crystals for example are liked for their prominently cool look.

Most of the gold dolphin anklets are liked for their traditional golden shine. Two main styles of gold dolphin anklets are popular these days. In one of these, dolphin charms made of gold dangle from a circular chain. The other kinds of anklets are those in which the dolphin charms are connected within the chains link such that they become part of the chain when it is closed around the ankle. Besides these designs, which are singularly themed around dolphins, other varieties combine dolphins with other figures like hearts, chime balls etc. Dolphin anklets with a combination of both yellow and white gold are liked by people who prefer to wear two tones instead of one. And of course, there are other tones added for a more personalized look e.g. rose, blue, light green etc.

14K Gold Enameled Dolphin Anklet

The size of a particular anklet chosen varies from person to person according to individual physique (more delicate anklets for slender and soft ankles) but also from time to time for the same person. For example, many people prefer to use a relatively smaller size of anklets while they are in the workplace. Same holds true for players of certain sports so as to prevent the anklet from interfering with the activity. On the other hand, people in private or informal gatherings may choose to wear larger dolphin anklets for greater prominence. In any case, the best recommended dolphin anklets are those with an adjustable chain down to any comfortable length.

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