Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sterling Silver Byzantine Chains

The Byzantine style has been a fixture in many parts of the world for well over a thousand years. The style originated in the Byzantine Empire that came out after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Sterling Silver Byzantine Chain

This empire once took in parts of Italy, Greece, Spain, Egypt, and many other countries surrounding the Mediterranean. The chains in this collection bring forward the ornate and intricate style of this empire. If you want a chain that can stand on its own without a pendant, you have found the right style.

Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet

Byzantine chains come from interlocking links in an intricate pattern. You can find chains in yellow gold and white gold. The intricate workmanship demands an eye for detail.

Silver Byzantine Chain

These chains are usually bulkier than others ranging from 2 mm up to over 5 mm in width. You can find a great chain in this collection to give to someone you love or to keep it for yourself.

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