Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are Heart Anklets Sexy? Answer to Fashion Question

Heart anklets are fashionable no matter how old you are. They can add a cute touch to just about any outfit, and there are so many styles to choose from that getting one that works for you is fairly simple. The big question here though is: Are heart anklets sexy? Do they have the flair it takes to be deemed attractive and even seductive if the setting is right? The answers to these questions may be more promising than you think. Here is a look at the level of sexiness to be found in heart anklets.
Heart Anklets
Much of the answer to “Are heart anklets sexy?” will come from the person wearing the anklets. Is she is confident in the piece of foot jewelry she is wearing, then she can actually bring sex appeal to it. The wearer isn’t the only factor though as a lot goes in to deeming something as “sexy.” The right clothing to go along with the jewelry could make all the difference. Typically, sexy highlights like short skirts or high heels will make an anklet look better than sneakers and basketball shorts will. You have to plan accordingly.
The anklet itself may come across as gaudy if you pick something that is overly ornate or overpowering. An anklet with a lot of charms on it, for instance, may come across as something that a young girl would wear, not a sex kitten. You need something subtle that still has enough pizzazz to catch someone’s attention. One small heart may be all that you need to get the attention to your feet. There are many colors and styles to choose from, so you can look through them and see which ones seem sexy and which ones seem too childish. There is a happy medium out there somewhere for you.
Foot Jewelry
Well pedicured feet can also make heart anklets sexier than they may be naturally. If you keep your feet clean, painted, and dressed in sexy shoes, you can make just about anything you wear sexy by association. It is all a matter of presentation. If you see something that you think would look sexy with a certain outfit, get it and test it out. Only you can actually answer the question “Are heart anklets sexy?” If they are to you, that is all that matters. Take a look at the different heart anklets you have to choose from today.

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