Thursday, February 9, 2012

Swarovski Crystal Anklets - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Crystal anklets have joined the anklet trend as one of the newest additions. In recent years a cheaper alternative to jeweled gemstone anklets have been sought by consumers; most of the time crystal anklets offer the same brilliance but at a cheaper price. More ornate styles can rival that of gold and gemstone anklets, such as those embedded with Swarovski crystals.
Swarovski Crystal Anklets
Crystal anklets tend to be set in silver or even with gold, but can sometimes be found made from cheaper metals. The materials used, dictate the pricing of a crystal anklet, and sometimes the maker can be one whose name and reputation add to the cost. Swarovski is one of the best known, and most expensive, makers in making crystal jewelry, including crystal anklets. Swarovski tends to be more elaborate with its designs, incorporating patterns, multiple colors, and even figural pieces as charms. Swarovski crystals are cut so brilliantly that they can easily pass for real gemstones.

Less known makers or less elaborate designs can make a crystal anklet cheaper in price. These tend to also be not as brilliant or dazzling, but still are comparable to gemstones and semi precious stones in appearance.

Crystal anklets can be simple in design or elaborate. Simpler designs feature one or two colors in a single string. More detailed designs mix colors, have parts that dangle from the main body of the anklet, or even include charms dangling from the main body of the anklet. Some anklets consist of multiple strands and are wider, but usually anklets are thin in design and consist of single metallic strands with one or two lines of crystals as the design.

There are several considerations when shopping for a crystal anklet. One is size - the anklet needs to properly fit the wearer. Too tight can lead to easy breakage, while too loose can make for an anklet that gets caught on shoes or easily falls off. The anklet should be comfortable and not too tight, about a finger or two of room between the anklet and the leg to allow for maximum comfort while wearing.
Crystal Anklets
Cleaning an anklet is not a problem - crystal anklets generally clean well with a solution of baking soda and water, brushed lightly by a toothbrush. Some premade forms of jewelry cleaner, may be harsh to crystals so they are not ideal. For best results, ask the person or store who sold the jewelry, as they can often provide care instructions. Some such as Swarovski crystals, may be damaged by harsh cleaners.

Crystal anklets can be found anywhere, from residing at a cheap price in department stores to having a hefty price tag at a finer jewelry store. Boutiques, department stores, jewelry and even online provides a  wide selection of anklets for purchase. If buying an expensive anklet, such as one from Swarovski, some come with a guarantee or regular cleanings for free. If a custom designed crystal anklet is what is desired, Swarovski and other fine jewelers tend to offer this option. Crystal anklets can make a great addition to a jewelry collection or a gift for someone.

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