Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Mindset of Those Who Buy Cheap Gothic Rings

Generally, those people who wear Gothic jewelry belong to a well-defined subculture. They possess a rather specific attitude and adorn their fingers with Gothic rings. They have adapted a quite narrow and undeviating way of thought.

That way of thought reflects their belief system—a system that views good and evil as forces that need to exist together. People who wear Gothic rings appreciate the contrast between good and evil, between black and white. Their rings tend to demonstrate their appreciation of those contrasting colors.

Many reasonably priced Gothic rings have been fashioned from pewter. Other cheap rings use stainless steel to mix black and white images. In each case, the pewter or stainless steel ring typically juxtaposes two images, one that is associated with good forces, and one that is associated with evil.

An online search turns up several virtual locations where jewelry lovers can find cheap Gothic rings. Some such items are available at web sites with spooky sounding names. For example, online shoppers can find a stainless band with a black and white Swiss cross. The same site has posted pictures of a chain link band with oxidized sterling silver plating. That inexpensive item contains a blend of different metals: copper, tin and zinc.

Internet users who want something with a bit more shine should consider going to certain web site. There they can order a gold plated band. That band features a golden cross on a white background.

A company named Alchemy Gothic manufactures a lot of cheap Gothic rings. Pictures of those rings have been posted on their website. Alchemy’s long line of pewter rings includes those that display the image of a dragon, a skeleton and even a dead fairy. The crafty people working at Alchemy also know how to make adjustable rings.

Some Gothic rings contain a red crystal. Such items can have rather eerie sounding names, like the “Holyblood Runneband.” Some other colorless rings have a very eerie look. They might bear the image of a sinister looking object, such as metal spikes on a black band.

Now at first glance, it can appear as though evil has won out over good, when one examines the online pictures of cheap Gothic rings. However, those who have formed that impression should stop to consider the long history of the ring. Most cultures view it as a symbol of love. As such a symbol, it belongs among objects that would be classed as “good.” Perhaps that fact explains why so many of the Gothic rings carry a sinister looking image.

Still, one has to question how strongly a Gothic jewelry supports the wearer’s recognized belief that evil must exist in association with goodly objects. A ring does not have to contain a gruesome or fearsome image. It can bear a picture that even a saint would not hesitate to be seen wearing. It can carry a gem other than a red crystal. A ring with a cubic zirconium might have a reasonable figure on its price tag.  

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