Monday, June 2, 2008

Different Types Of Bracelets

Jewelry is to boost up your look or dazzle up a boring outfit. A pair of earrings, bracelet, rings or necklace has become a must if you are going out for shopping, job or just casually hanging out with your friends. They are the easy way to get some compliments while an interesting topic between girlfriends. Fashion nowadays stress on comfort while looking good. Bracelets and other accessories these days are stretchable with designs and styles that can be worn without feeling itchy. The different types of bracelets available are ideal for each occasion. Further the article discusses different types of bracelets for different occasions.

Gemstone Slide Bracelet

The different types of bracelets available in jewelry stores are perfect for everywhere and anywhere. No matter what the occasion is these bracelets of gold, silver, diamonds, pearls or beads can be worn with outfits. Some of the major types of bracelets are sport bracelets, tennis bracelets, charm bracelets, bangles and slap bracelets.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets: these bracelets may seem like they must be stretchable and for rough use but they are the ones made of diamonds not under 1 carat and pearls and precious gemstones. These bracelets are called so as a famous tennis player called Chris Evert was once playing a tournament and lost her precious diamond bracelet in the middle of it and stopped the match to retrieve those diamonds. From then onwards bracelets were named tennis bracelets.

Sport bracelets: These bracelets are worn for a noble cause like to financially help people suffering from cancer, aids and so on. These sport bracelets were brought in to the spotlight by Lance Armstrong and Nike. These bought personality and label being famous had to make no effort in to bringing them in fashion. These stretchable colorful wristbands have a message or a text engraved. They are unisex which made them more popular providing jewelry to men as well. They became so popular that after sometime these bracelets of the same color and design started to sell on websites like eBay etc distracting people from the cause they came out in the first place. The focus was then on making money rather than helping the people this band will benefit.

Charm bracelets: The famous and a company in demand for making jewelry, the charms. How can we forget the bracelets and other accessories charms have brought their customers? These charms are available ready made with different designs and styles and can also be custom made especially for you. These bracelets are usually made of silver or gold with interlinked or chains connecting the entire bracelet giving them a delicate look.

Sapphire and Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Bangles: bangle bracelets are in a hard solid form which is not dangling down your wrist but still they look good with casual wear. In Pakistan and other eastern countries bangles made of glass called “Churian” and plastic are popular to be worn in family get together and weddings by most of the girls.

Slap Bracelets: These bracelets are mostly worn by punks and teenagers with gothic personalities. They have a leather black background with spikes or sharp edges coming out of them. Later on many countries banned these slap bracelets due to the injury they caused to other people by the sharp edges coming out of them. They still are worn by teenagers and even elder people with a cool top and jeans for casual occasions and friend’s get together.

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