Monday, June 2, 2008

The Symbolism Of Gold Celtic Crosses

What do the Druids, the old Irish-Catholic priest, the Irish Pub all have in common? Every one of these proper nouns has their own take on just what is a Celtic cross. Symbolism abounds, history marks its territory and you will find that both the Presbyterian and the Catholic believe the Celtic cross to be its own. Can’t you see that discussion in living color!

White Gold Celtic Claddagh Cross

Now then, nothing can possibly be more ornate than glittering gold Celtic crosses. Just imagine, the rings and the runes all gilded onto gold Celtic crosses. Continue with your imaginative meandering. Runes are any of the figures of ancient alphabets engraved on a surface eons ago. Although frequently known as a Celtic Christianity emblem or cross, these symbols pre-date Christianity.

Step into the pub and listen to the old myths and stories as told by the Irishmen who are in the know. According to legend, the Celtic cross was brought to the Emerald Isle by Saint Patrick, himself with the intent of ousting the pagans. Saint Patty probably combined a wee bit of lore with the cross and a rendering of the sun to make believers of the lot. Perhaps he thought the sun had life; I wonder if Patty ever beheld gold Celtic crosses? These ornate beauties emerge as symbols of reverence and unlike the crucifixes of European origin, the Celtic cross is a sight to behold of artistic value without the cruelty.

Gold Celtic CZ Cross Pendant

Perhaps the cross in a circle emerged from the Chi Rho, which of course are the two Greek letters that spell out the name of Christ. That would certainly give credence to the lore of Saint Patrick bring the wondrous message of Christ to heathens with the Celtic cross.

Unfortunately, these crosses, even the beautiful golden Celtic crosses, have gone the way of so many lovely things. They have become political symbols, debased with a message that has no resemblance of the original beautiful cross. As a matter of fact, corruption of this extraordinary symbol is so heinous that all forms of the ancient Celtic cross have been banned from Italy and cannot be displayed in stadiums to avoid provoking racist or fascist crises.

Golden Celtic crosses in the truest sense of the meaning make beautiful pieces of jewelry. The Irish, Scottish and Welsh all identify with this cross. It is symbolic of both faith and ethnicity.

The circles are indicative of the sun or eternity. Another line of thinking explains that the circle represents the endless love of God. The entire cross is characteristic of Celtic religion.

As early as 600 A.D. free standing Celtic crosses were erected throughout the Celtic areas of Great Britain and Ireland. Some still have the inscriptions in runes we referred to earlier, ancient letters or characters used in inscriptions. Some of the most famous of the ancient, freestanding Celtic crosses are located in various counties in Ireland.

Enameled Celtic Cross

Allow yourself to be transported with me for just a wee bit of time to ancient Ireland. Imagine, if you will and gaze upon these artifacts. Reach out and touch the stone; trace the inscription, observe the moment with honor and reverence. Forget that these were borrowed pagan symbols. Simply concentrate on the almost holy moment in time as your heart is captured in tribute to the Glory of the Most High God.

Dream and imagine for just a little longer, sparkling golden Celtic crosses, crafted of that fine and precious metal, artistically designed with the ring, or the sun, encircling the intersection of the cross. What a find that would be! Perhaps holding one of these delicate pieces is inspiration enough to set your thoughts and dreams on High.

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