Friday, April 3, 2009

Dress Up Your Feet With Elegant Heart Anklets

Having a regular appointment of pedicure is now a necessity. This is the time where people have finally realized that their feet are also included in their appearance where mostly women used to ignore the fact that wearing an expensive, gorgeous heel does not necessarily requires clean and pedicure feet. No matter if you are a working woman, a mother, a teenager or belong to any profession you can possibly think of for a woman having to look after your feet is just as important as washing your face twice or thrice a day. To compliment a pedicure is anklets and toe rings that accentuate your feet making them look good to gorgeous.

Double Heart Anklet

I know a lot of people both men and women who judge someone’s personality on how they have maintained their feet. These people may be a handful in this world but they do exist. I believe it may be one of the best ways to find out personal stuff and habit about a certain person. People who keep their feet tip top and basically just clean are the ones who know what cleanliness really means. Our feet are the one body part which face the most dust and dirt that we ever come across. If you have them fully covered wearing a pair of socks will not do any good either as sweating can also be an issue. However, fortunately people have finally recognized that ignoring your feet’s cleanliness is a bad idea and a great way to ruin your impression.

Fancy Link Heart Anklet

Now for women who have been ignoring their sanitation for feet can in any case start getting an appointment for a pedicure at least twice a month. After that the priority of wearing beautiful shoes whether you are off to school/college/university, shopping or work comes next. Naturally your shoes may vary on where you are off too but mostly flip flops, heels or flat shoes can be a choice of a women or a teenager. These kinds of shoes are ideal for anklets and toe rings. You can acquire many kinds and shapes of anklets including star, moon, heart, square, circles and so on. Heart anklets look the most feminine where other designs and styles of anklets are worth buying too. You can purchase in sterling silver which are great for daily wear for instance when you have plans to hang out with your friends or when you are off too school/college/university. Gold heart anklets can be preferred for fancy occasions. The fashion for caprice and paddle pushers is now here and will stay for quite sometime I guess. In outfits like these an elegant strap sandal or flat shoes can compliment a delicate anklet in your foot.

White Gold Heart Anklet

Heart anklets can be found of many types including chained hearts, or silver/gold hearts dangling down your ankle and so forth. To me they all look stunning as long as worn with a complimenting shoe. Stores and online jewelry websites are filled with a wide collection of anklets in any shape, style and design. I believe anklets is one of the accessory that not only looks good on everyone but is cheap enough to be afforded by anyone no matter what precious stones or metal they are made of. The huge collection will be irresistible to all women who have a craze for anklets or jewelry. Dress up your feet with gorgeous heart anklets and not only look good but feel good too.

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