Monday, April 27, 2009

The Elegant Designs Of Gold Crucifixes

Wearing gold crucifixes are a wonderful way of showing your belief and love of the Lord and your religion. They also make thoughtful gifts to those who may need a little hope and faith within their lives at a certain time. Gold crucifixes also make great wedding, shower, baptismal or holiday presents as well. There are so many different designs and styles to choose from. Crucifixes differ from plain crosses in that they all have the representation or depiction of Christ upon the cross whereas the plain crosses do not. Some families have gold crucifixes that have been handed down from generation to generation with all of the history and faith contained within them.

Gold Hollow Crucifix Pendant

Gold crucifixes can be found in many styles and designs and make lovely gestures of friendship or love when given to another in your life.

A very delicate design crafted from yellow 14 karat gold is slender in its look and styling and has a finish which is finely polished and comes with a matching yellow 14 karat gold 18 inch long chain with lobster claw clasping.

White Gold Hollow Crucifix

If you prefer white 14 karat gold then you will love the dainty styled white 14 karat gold crucifixes. These have a skillful and detailed description of Christ depicted upon them and is of a smaller and thinner styling. These also have a matching white gold chain of 18 inch length included with them. This is perfect for teenagers or pre teens to wear as a sign of their faith and devotion to the Lord and as a reminder that they are never truly alone, Christ is there when they need him.

A more modernized version of white gold crucifixes is crafted of white 14 karat gold and is much wider than other versions in the cross areas. These have artistic styling and details of Christ and the cross, a truly magnificent piece of artwork. These can be worn by men, women or young adults and come with a sturdy thicker 24 inch long chain in white gold also.

For the masculine person the style of white 14 karat gold crucifixes which are about 32 millimeters in width and heavier chain of 24 inches long crafted in white gold also, is the greatest gift they could receive.

For the loved one who has also served or is serving in the Marines or Navy these mariner’s two toned gold crucifixes are beautiful. These crucifixes have diamond styled cutting throughout the designs which include yellow 14 karat gold which the crafting of the wheel, cross and anchor are made. White 14 karat gold is used in the crafting of Christ depiction. These are very detailed and elegant looking.

White Gold Lined Crucifix

If you would like to add a little diamond dazzle o your gold crucifixes then the two toned diamond gold crucifixes are just for you. These have the cross finely polished in white 14 karat gold and inlaid within the cross are tiny diamonds with yellow gold surroundings. The depiction of Christ is done in Yellow gold as well. You have a choice of yellow or white gold 18 inch length chains when ordering.

For a the more fanciful gold crucifixes the ones made and styled in yellow 14 karat gold Italian styles is a must have. These are crafted all in brilliant shining yellow 14 karat gold, and have a large cross with artful detailing inlaid with a smaller cross within it and Christ’s representation on the smaller one. These are elaborate and tasteful devotional symbols.

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