Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Should Men Wear Toe Rings?

Display of a toe ring provides some men with the ability to stand out in a group. That would certainly be the case in a group of surfers. Surfing fans at a competition by the shore should expect to see at least a few ring decorated toes. In fact, any location by the beach would be an ideal spot to study the frequency with which certain men wear toe rings. An average sized man wearing just sandals and a pair of swim shorts can not attract much attention, unless he can embellish his simple outfit by wearing a toe ring.
Mens Toe Rings
Such a man usually chooses to place a wide band on the toe next to his big toe. He might even wear more than one band on a single toe. In shops that sell foot jewelry, men are most apt to purchase a band in size 6, 7 or 8. A man with larger feet could well have such big muscles that his physique allows him to impress the ladies; he does not feel it necessary to wear a band on his toe.

Sometimes, when a man does decide to buy a toe ring, then he must keep a few things in mind. The first concerns the shape of his toes. Does he have peanut shaped toe? If so, then he needs to purchase one of the adjustable or coil style toe rings. Does he plan to wear the ring in a swimming pool? If so, then he should not expect that band to remain unscratched. Even the best bands can get scratched, when they get dragged along the rough surface found at the bottom of most pools.
Not every man who sports a toe ring is looking for a mate. Some men wear such a ring to enhance their look, when they are on a date at the beach. In such cases, a man might find that his date would also like to decorate one or two toes. That fact explains why a number of couples wear matching bands. Those bands give them a way to display to others their desire to be viewed as a couple, a well-matched pair.

Not every man who chooses to wear a toe ring decides to do so on a continuous basis. Some men remove their rings on occasion. Of course, once removed, then the man who owns it must slip it onto one digit of his foot again, if he wants to make the same impression he made the last time he was spotted with a decorated toe. Still, it is not always easy to put a band on the digit of the foot. Consequently, a man who buys a toe ring should be prepared for the challenge presented by the need to place it on the chosen digit. Fortunately, men love cars. A large community of men own and drive a car, when not swimming or surfing. Such men just happen to possess the perfect toe band lubricant, a bottle of window washing soap.

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