Friday, June 1, 2012

Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoop earrings have been a staple of women’s fashion for decades. They tend to come and go, get larger or smaller, but this is one of the classic, timeless pieces of jewelry that most any jeweler carries and sells regularly. Gold hoop earrings come in all sizes, all styles, and are made with a variety of gold and stones embedded in them. They look good on women of all ages, from all different areas of the world and wearing any and all kinds of fashion.

Gold earrings have modern day ties, yet began many years ago as gold became more readily available. Women in modern times tend to have pierced ears, so most gold hoop earrings are for those women who have pierced ears. There are some that clip on or are magnetized for wearers who do not have pierced ears, but they tend to be more difficult to come by. All shapes, styles and sizes are commonly found today whereas decades ago many were simple, smooth hoops.

The classic style gold hoop earring is often a smooth, simple circular shape in a small or large size, thick or thin depending on how they are stylized. More elaborate designs belong to contemporary times, as designers have sought ways to individualize the standard gold hoop earring. Some gold hoop earrings are a complicated tangle of several circles, are tiny with ornate designs, or feature multi-colored gold to create swirls and designs all over the hoop itself. It is even possible to find gold hoop earrings hosting precious or semi-precious gemstones as a part of the body of the earrings.
Just because a gold hoop earring looks as though it is made of gold, it may not be genuine. In modern day times there are a number of metals available for jewelry processing in addition to silver and gold. Some gold hoop earrings look the part but are made from cheaper metals that can irritate skin, so it is important to consider skin irritation and sensitivity before buying anything. Other times the earring might indeed be gold on the outside, but it is placed over cheaper materials like silver instead of being gold completely through. It also helps to know a little about gold - it comes in several different forms and the higher the number assigned to it, the more gold content in the jewelry. Most earrings are composed of something simple like 10k or 14k, and can be gold alone or mixed with synthetic or precious gemstones. Higher gold contents can be found, such as 18k, 24k, or solid gold, but are more difficult to come by and are pricier. The higher the gold content, the easier it can be to bend the earrings and damage them so wearers must take care of them.

If not sure about what type to buy, or if one is seeking a large selection, a fine jewelry store can be a good place to start shopping for gold hoop earrings. The staff is often helpful and knowledgeable. Department stores commonly carry jewelry now, so it can be possible to find beautiful earrings at a decent price there. Online shopping also provides an overwhelming selection of earrings and retailers to choose from,  if one prefers to shop via the internet.

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